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  • Product name: Flying Shark II
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Flying Shark II
  • Flying Shark II
  • Spindle
  • Air filter
  • Tail gear
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Anti-static fuel tank
  • Starter
  • Tilt tray
  • Engineering Machine picture

Flying Shark II

Flying shark typeⅡengineering helicopters, maximum payload is 13kg in the case of using the standard fuel tank, the weight of the fuel can also be replaced as the load if the flight time is quite short. Since the load location of this engineering aircraft is under the rotor main shaft of the plane, it can change the load weight at any time, so it can not only be used to transport items、throw away items or drop lines during the flight, but also can be used to install or carry airborne equipment of different weight, with a more flexible and convenient carrying capacity.

      Description     The parameters      Notes
Maximum / Average cruising speed 90/65(Km/h) Manual flight
Maximum Flying Height 2500(m) Manual flight
Rate of Climb 4(m/s) <4KG payload,manual flight
Net Weight 16.35(Kg) Including the main rotor, without shell
Take-off Weight 35(Kg) Including standard fuel and Flight Control Units
Maximum payload 13(Kg)  
Standard Fuel Tank 2.5 X 2(L) Extensible
Maximum Airborne Period 1(H) Extensible
Diameter of Main Rotor/Tail Rotor 2146/403(mm) Material: carbon fiber
Gasoline Engine 80CC Air-cooled double opposed cylinder
Fuel 93.97(Octane) gasoline fuel (Mixing ratio 1:25)
Fuel Consumption 4000(cc/h) Mean (90% load)
Start-up Mode Motor and Battery External dedicated starter
Gear Ratio 5.84/1/4.69 Engine / Main rotor / Tail rotor
Battery Duration 2(hrs) Continuous work (Without generators)
Three Axis Camera Mount 3-axis remote control Video return and horizon gyroscope can be installed
Flight Control Stability Augmentation System 3-axis gyroscope, 3 axis accelerometer 3 axis magnetic compass sensors, GPS navigation, stability increasing manipulation
Temperature Range -20+50(℃) Standard version
Total length of the aircraft 2630/711(mm) Main rotor blade side/Tail rotor blade side
Transport Box size 1.3 X 0.5 X 0.7(m) Packed double cardboard boxes of about 40 kg

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