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  • Product name: CD-10 crop dusting unmanned helicopter
  • Product Number: HH002-1
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CD-10 crop dusting unmanned helicopter
  • CD-10 crop dusting unmanned helicopter
  • Special sprayer
  • Retractile rod
  • Rice field spraying
  • wheat field spraying
  • Spraying test
  • Main controller
  • Ground station screen
  • Twin cylinder engine

CD-10 has the following features

1. Low Cost
     Crop-dusting Unmanned Helicopter CD-10 is designed and manufactured by Hanhe Aviation, with complete intellectual property rights, so its price is much lower than the one of the similar aircrafts from foreign countries.
2.Easy Operation
     Crop-dusting Unmanned Helicopter CD-10 does not need the runway, and it can take off vertically. SAPU system has been installed, which effectively lowers the operation difficulty and the risks. Flying at low altitude of several meters, the dusting effect can be controlled in the sight-distance range. It is suitable for all kinds of complex terrain farmlands and the crops and woods of different heights. Accurate dusting can be achieved for different crops in the adjacent farmlands. Due to SAPU installed, the dusting operation skills of Crop-dusting Unmanned Helicopter CD-10 can be mastered via simple training.
3. High-efficiency Crop Dusting
     Crop-dusting Unmanned Helicopter CD-10 can spray about 1,333M2 per minute with fine dusting uniformity and good pulverization. Its take-off weight is 35kg, with payload of 10kg of pesticide, 7 m/sec flying speed, 3 meters dusting width of pesticide. It can dust for 8-10 minutes per each loading and about 10,667 M2 farmlands per each takeoff and landing.。
4. . Excellent Crop Dusting
        While it utilizes the strong downward rotating airflow to flip and shake the crops when crop dusting, it comes into being a turbulent area above the crops underneath. The crop dusting is very uniform and partial pesticide is dusted on the back of stem and leaf, the quality of crop dusting of which the manpower and other dusting equipments can not achieve. As the cyclone under the helicopter is concentrated and powerful, it is easier to form a layer of membrane through the fluff surface of the plants to kill the pests uniformly and effectively by utilizing the ultra-fine pulverization dusting.
5. Environment-friendly
     The dosage of pesticide is reduced, so it can minimize the pollution of pesticide to the environment and crops. It is not harmful to the operator in the distances when dusting, and the labor intensity is reduced dramatically.





Spraying capacity

1 Hectare/trip


Pesticide payload



Flying speed

4-8 meters/second


Spraying width

6 meters

Width of spraying rod: 2.5m

Gasoline engine


Twin cylinder, air cooled, made in Japan


97 Octane gasoline

Should be mixed with engine oil

mixing ratio(1:30)

Starting method


External electric starter

Fuel capacity

1 L


Fuel consumption

4 L/hour


Diameter of main rotor

2100 mm

Carbon fiber material

Size of the Helicopter



Wind resistance

< 8m/s


Working temperature

0- 50℃



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