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  • Product name: Flying Shark I
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Flying Shark I
  • Flying Shark I
  • Main rotor head
  • Tail gear
  • Tail rotor
  • Aerial frame
  • Swashplate
  • Lawn flight
  • Flight lake
  • Disaster inspections
Flying Shark I

Flying Shark I
Description Parameters Notes
Maximum / Average cruising speed 90/65(Km/h) Manual flight
Maximum Flying Height 2500(m) Manual flight
Rate of Climb 4(m/s) <4KG payload,manual flight
Net Weight 16.35(Kg) Including the main rotor, without shell
Take-off Weight 35(Kg) Including standard fuel and Flight Control Units
Maximum payload 13(Kg)  
Standard Fuel Tank 2.5 X 2(L) Extensible
Maximum Airborne Period 1(H) Extensible
Diameter of Main Rotor/Tail Rotor 2146/403(mm) Material: carbon fiber
Gasoline Engine 80CC Air-cooled double opposed cylinder
Fuel 93.97(Octane) gasoline fuel (Mixing ratio 1:25)
Fuel Consumption 4000(cc/h) Mean (90% load)
Start-up Mode Motor and Battery External dedicated starter
Gear Ratio 5.84/1/4.69 Engine / Main rotor / Tail rotor
Battery Duration 2(hrs) Continuous work (Without generators)
Three Axis Camera Mount 3-axis remote control Video return and horizon gyroscope can be installed
Flight Control Stability Augmentation System 3-axis gyroscope, 3 axis accelerometer 3 axis magnetic compass sensors, GPS navigation, stability increasing manipulation
Temperature Range -20+50(℃) Standard version
Total length of the aircraft 2630/711(mm) Main rotor blade side/Tail rotor blade side
Transport Box size 1.3 X 0.5 X 0.7(m) Packed double cardboard boxes of about 40 kg

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